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Will My Psychic Reading Come True?

Many people who seek out a psychic reading are looking for a picture of what is to come, however, most psychics do not believe that their insight is the only possible outcome.  Believers feel that readings are most equipped to show a likely picture of the future, but it is very possible that the future will change based on a change in our own behavior or a change in some other variable.  Psychic abilities are not designed to override free will, and most psychics will even offer advice on changes that you can make in your own life to change your path. (more…)

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Celebrate the human body..don’t hide it !

When I visited the British Virgin Islands not too long ago I was pleasantly surprised by the number of people who chose to sun themselves au natural and go skinny dipping. It seems that Europeans are not as uptight when it comes to sex and nudity as we are but then again you’re more likely to see a naked person on European TV and less likely to see a lot of violence like people getting shot or blown up.

Today far too many people feel that they should have a “model” body like those on the front cover of Men’s Health or Health magazine but the reality is that most of us don’t have the time to try and “obtain” perfect bodies. Dove found this out and uses everyday people for their ads to much acclaim.

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What to do if you miss a flight. Trip to Philippines

We missed our flight going to Cebu via Cebu Pacific because our flight was scheduled at 9pm but we arrived at the airport 30 minutes before the flight (due to unavoidable circumstances). Based on our previous trips, Cebu Pacific usually allowed passengers to check-in 30 minutes before the trip. So, we were confident enough to make that trip, but we were surprised to know that they already closed the flight and that they let the chance passengers in. Unfortunately, that was the last flight for the day and that the next available flight would be on a Sunday. We kinda panicked and checked out other airlines to book for the earliest flight the next day because we don’t want to miss the tour as well. So, we called out every domestic airlines we could possibly think of. Also checked out fares and availability through Marc’s laptop via Globe visibility (Thank God he brought the laptop with him).

After an hour of calling and surfing, Marc finally booked us a flight for 8am the next day via Air Philippines. It was twice the price difference from our one way ticket to Cebu, but it didn’t matter anyways for as long as we get to Cebu the next day, money wasn’t a problem. The only catch was, we had to get the tickets 3 hours before the trip. Since we already learned our lesson and we didn’t want to miss out the opening of the ticketing office (because they might give out our slots), we’ve decided to spend the night at the airport ala “The Terminal” with a twist of Amazing Race type. We were at the Terminal 2 at around 10pm, then we had to wait for the ticketing office to open by 3am, and we had to wait 5 more hours before the flight… So, a total of 10 hours of waiting at the airport and 10 hours of no sleep for me at all. Marc just slept the whole time while I had to look after the bags and track the time the whole night till sunrise. Lesson learned: Adjust your time 5 hours prior to your flight schedule. :p (more…)

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Impressions from Hong Kong Tourney

The tournament was held at Mega Ice, Megabox in Hong Kong last May 6 to 10. We arrived in HK safely last May 4 (two days before the tourney), checked in at Regal Oriental Hotel, grabbed food, then took a nap because we were all exhausted from the trip.



Canadian team mates Michelle & Anita w/ Louann, Au & Chriska (more…)

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If you could where would you study abroad. I choose China

I have always dreamed of studying abroad, I guess after graduating I could go and study somewhere far away from home I really liked the idea and I started checking what are the chances for studying in Asia and finding a job after graduation. It looks like MBA programs in China or Singapore are affordable and there are jobs too. So I want to share this information with you, who knows maybe we will meet at the Xiamen University? But to make things clear you should realize the price of MBAs in the USA, we all hear about MBAs with $ 80K per year tuition there are also cheap MBAs with good ranking and the cheapest programs are around $7500. Keep it in mind when reading about the schools in Asia.

The Asia region boasts several recognized and accredited MBA schools. College tuition ranges from $8,500 to $55,000 (2013/14).

Living and studying in Singapore gives you a diversified perception of Southeast Asia.



If you don’t like to study another language, then Singapore is definitely the best option for you. Citizens speak English in every day life, and all of the street signs and anything else are in the English language. Basically, what appeals to employers typically, is whether you have substantial experience in your field. What employers request is that you have relevant or huge sought-after skills, background, knowledge, and extensive networks. (more…)

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Do You Have Multiple talents?

I’ve said it to people.  I’ve had people say it me…You’re a waste of talent. It’s the kind of statement that might make you think.  Nobody wants to be a waste. When I think of waste, I think of poor choices, laziness, and ungratefulness.  I’d be OK with not being a waste. But, the paradox is that it’s also a compliment.  It means that you have talent to begin with. Talent that others recognize. But, how do you know if you’re a waste of talent?


Because I don’t believe it’s as black and white as not using a skill or gift. It’s not always a simple case of Good Will Hunting – closet genius mopping the floors of Harvard. Use of our gifts has their time and place, and not using them isn’t necessarily a waste. Think saving, not wasting. (more…)

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Learning something new. Everyday. It’s My legacy

When someone tells me to “live everyday like it’s my last day”,
I tend to think about ME.

I think… What could I do to make myself happy? Right now. In this moment. But, is my last day really about me? Think about it from an outside perspective. Let’s say you’ve been given one week to live. I think I would focus on education. I know it sounds strange but …listen, if I could learn more I would pass my knowledge to other people. I know so many people who quit high school now in their 30-ies they are afraid of going back to school. But here are the wonderful ged schools that they can follow right?

Opportunity knocks but once. You must have heard of this proverb. It’s absolutely true. In this phase of globalization, many people think that there are several chances that have opened up in the market, which they can select from in order to advance their career in the desirable field. But it’s not so. Opportunities never move towards you, but you need to proceed. In recent times, you are provided with numerous techniques utilizing which can offer you, what you actually want to get. However, it is completely up to you whether you take advantage of the chances that new technologies have offered by introducing the concept of distance learning.

bc-ao-magazine-article-about-your-are-responsible-with-the-talent-entrusted-to-you (more…)

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Are You Good in Catching Chances?

Do you remember I told you some time ago about my friend who dropped out of high school. She tried to get back on track and I try to help her but I didn’t always handle it so well. And yet, here I am, assuming the role of advice-giver on the subject. Because, I’ve learned how to deal with it.

But, the point of discussion here isn’t going to be how do you do deal with failure?” The question is should you deal with it at all?”

Why not use avoidance as a strategy? It’s an idea that some swear by, so let’s discuss it.

Some people suggest that you shouldn’t think about your failure— considering it a waste of energy — energy that’s better invested in creating promising future. And you should avoid people who remind you about it. (more…)

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You’ll Find Your Tribe When You Stop Holding Back

I don’t care for the word “tribe” but it’s become such a buzz word. Everyone is on a mission to “find their tribe”. So, it’s worth mentioning. I’m not against the word or the concept. It’s just not me.Which brings up my first point:

  • That feeling you get in your gut when something doesn’t feel right?
  • When you can’t seem to agree with what everyone else is agreeing on?

Listen to that. That’s the first step. Acting on that is the second step. Every time I publish something expressing a viewpoint different from the majority, I feel uneasy. I feel like I just hit send on a brutally honest email or text message and I want to dive into my phone and yank it back.

Why is that? (more…)

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Pick Something

If you woke up today at the same time you did yesterday, begin the same routine, eat the same type of foods, do the same kind of work for the same amount of time, watch the same amount of TV, go to bed at the same time, lay in bed thinking the same thoughts, after a day of “wishing things were different”, until you fall asleep to dream the same kind of dreams, then you will get the same results every day.

You might as well be Phil Connors. Everyday might as well be Groundhog Day. It’s amazing how easy it is to dismiss a simple concept like this.


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